Sunday, 19 September 2010

Small Crew Credits

Just finished a film or a project with a small crew/team? And you feel it is too small for a classic movie 'list style credits' at the end. Well here's what I do...

Create a video track > Insert new text > Change font and write something like 'Directed by Bobby Bobson' and make it white/ajust size to your liking > shorten the default length of your text media > Add a 'zoom' transistion to the beggining of the text > Shorten the 'fade' length (trasistion length) > Create a 'zoom out' at the end of the text > Make it the same length > Repeat with small gap between other text media (pieces of the credits)

I normally follow in this order

Directed by ________
Written by ________
Produced by ________
Starring ___________, _______, ________
An ___________ Production.

Protip! - By clicking on pan/crop, click on the begging of the time line > drag the dashed box corner inwards > Then at the end of the time line drag it back to its original state.
There you have a cool professional looking credit 'zooming away' effect

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