Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Sin City & The Spirit Film Effect

If you've watched the Sin City/The Spirit film or even if you've just read the graphic novel, you've noticed how the whole thing is in black and white, but with certain colours left in (normally red). For example, the spirits red tie, always in colour. Anyway, this will be a simple yet effective tutorial for you Sony Vegas people.

Video Effects > Color Corrector Secondary > Use the colour picker and pick a red on the video footage > Invert Mask > Saturation = 0 > Limit Lumanance tick, then 0 on Low and Max on High > Limit Saturation how you like and what looks best, smooth = max > Experiment by moving the bars > Fin

As you can see from the first image, my face was very Sun Burnt so It didn't help! xD

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! said...

Great post man. I really like it.

Stibbz said...

Started using some photoshopping and stuff, might wanna use this too when I'm shooting vids or w/e.

Following this!

momo said...

NICE! Suppin.

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